[DRBD-user] DRBD is passing I/O-error to upper layer, but should not

Matthias Hensler lists-drbd at wspse.de
Mon Jan 28 18:41:46 CET 2013

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On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 06:32:22PM +0100, Felix Frank wrote:
> OT: Well nyes - have you tried and issued a mount -o remount,rw for the
> afflicted virtual partitions?

Yes, I tried it on one system. It was not possible, at least for the

> I wouldn't necessarily expect that to work, say, for a disturbed root
> partition in your scenario, but I *have* seen LSI controllers causing
> some Linuxes to remount read-only on RAID degradation, and I could
> just remount the non-root partitions then.

The other partitions might have worked, however, since some services
were already stopped (such as Mysql, etc), a reboot seemed the safer way
to go.

> Given that your filesystems may have been damaged more or less
> severely, fsck'ing (and hence rebooting) is really the better course
> of action here, though.

That too.

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