[DRBD-user] bad side-effect: bug in inactive config stops other resources

Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
Wed Jan 23 19:01:18 CET 2013

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If those time stamps are believable, then the problem occurred before you started!

I don't know of drbd accessing the config decks before a drbdadm command, but it looks like you have proved that it happens. You copied, it activated! Very strange result. I'll let the drbd authors chime in on what new files in the config directory can cause before you request something using them, but it looks like the way to do this is to do the edit elsewhere, or "Save As" (:w <filename>).

Actually, you have pacemaker and heartbeat in the mix. I imagine they do watch directories for changes. It may not be drbd at all, but drbdadm commands requested by those tools.

Thanks for the warning!


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Am 23.01.2013 um 16:39 schrieb Dan Barker:

>>> conflicting use of resource section 'drbd8_1'
> Looks like you forgot to edit the config sections properly in the  
> vim ... step. Do the drbd10 decks still say drbd8?

Look at the time-stamps:

>  1351  [2013-01-08 - 15:28:56] cd /etc/drbd.d
> # my usual way to configure new drbd-resources
>  1352  [2013-01-08 - 15:29:29] cp -a drbd8_1.res drbd10_1.res


>  1353  [2013-01-08 - 15:29:39] cp -a drbd8_2.res drbd10_2.res


> Jan  8 15:29:31 xen11 lrmd: [2403]: info: RA output:
> (xen_drbd5_1:1:monitor:stderr) drbd.d/drbd8_1.res:1: conflicting use
> of resource section 'drbd8_1' ...#012drbd.d/drbd10_1.res:1: resource
> section 'drbd8_1' first used here.



> Jan  8 15:29:37 xen11 Xen[32084]: INFO: Xen domain www will be stopped
> (timeout: 26s)
> Jan  8 15:29:37 xen11 Xen[32089]: INFO: Xen domain mail4 will be
> stopped (timeout: 26s)
> Jan  8 15:29:37 xen11 Xen[32086]: INFO: Xen domain typo3 will be
> stopped (timeout: 26s)
> # ------------------------------


The resources stopped *before* the vim step, even 2 seconds before the  
2nd cp, 8 seconds after the 1st cp.

Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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