[DRBD-user] Two disk secondary and primary marked DRBD system

Abdelkarim Mateos Sanchez abkrim at tamainut.com
Sat Jan 19 08:56:18 CET 2013

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Just we like use secondary disc on drbd conf over LVM (LVM logical volumens on two nodes)

Up system secondary.

1.- Stop rX
2.- Try Up machine KVM and fail Kenrel panic…
3.- Try UP machine KVM (primary) and fail…. Kernel panic.

On two nodes…

mount /dev/mapper/pve-vm--100--disk--1 /mnt/100/
mount: unknown filesystem type 'drbd'

fsck /dev/pve/vm-100-disk-1
fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2
fsck: fsck.drbd: not found

LVM files system marked how DRBD not ext4

Any ideas for solution?

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