[DRBD-user] Poor fsync performance

Shaun Thomas sthomas at optionshouse.com
Fri Jan 11 22:31:27 CET 2013

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On 01/11/2013 03:07 PM, Arnold Krille wrote:

> BTW: Its nice to see high throughput with dd copying big files. But
> thats not what your users will do, they will do lots of small reads
> at many different locations. So instead of tuning the throughput
> spend that time tuning the latency. Thats what your users will
> percieve as the speed of the system.


To that end, a couple oft-overlooked settings:

disk {
   c-fill-target 3M;
net {
   max-buffers 128k;

Basically telling DRBD that it's actually on a 10Gb link. Our stats all 
went way up after this, as did our verify and sync speeds.

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