[DRBD-user] drbdadm - Changing DRBD online

Mark Busuttil mark.busuttil at casumo.com
Wed Feb 20 15:41:37 CET 2013

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Im currently performing a number of test to determine the best drbd
configuration on our setup. Since this system is live, im using the drbdadm
commands to change values such as:

net-options protocol
net options sndbuf-size
net-options uplug-watermark

I would like to confirm if these options need to be executed on both the
primary and standby in order to take effect on both nodes?

I can confirm that the protocol settings are copied to the standby since i
can confirm from /proc/drbd, however im unable to verify the rest of the

Is there a way i can verbose the running configuration for this option ? Or
can someone confirm if the changes using drbdadm are always copied to the
members ?

Thanks for any help!

Mark Busuttil
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