[DRBD-user] parse error on meta-disk

James Harper james.harper at bendigoit.com.au
Tue Feb 26 10:00:19 CET 2013

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When I try and start drbd I get:

Reloading DRBD configuration:drbd.d/vm.res:7: Parse error: '[' expected, but got ';' (TK 59)

The line it's breaking on is:

  meta-disk /dev/vg00/drbd-meta;

and I suspect it thinks it wants an index even though that is supposed to be optional.

drbd is from Debian and the Debian package version is 2:8.3.13-2. Full resource config at the end of the email.

Any suggestions?



resource vm {
 protocol A;
 device /dev/drbd0;
 on xxxvs1 {
  address a.b.c.254:7789;
  meta-disk /dev/vg00/drbd-meta;
  disk /dev/vg00/virt-smtp1-root;
 on xxxvs7 {
  address a.b.c.253:7789;
  meta-disk /dev/vg1/drbd-meta;
  disk /dev/vg1/virt-smtp1-root;

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