[DRBD-user] drbd 8.3.15 - crm_fence_peer.sh - problem in fence_peer_init()

Pascal BERTON pascal.berton3 at free.fr
Sun Feb 24 11:24:27 CET 2013

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I'm currently updating a Pacemaker+drbd+scst cluster from drbd-8.3.12 to
drbd-8.3.15, and I found something odd regarding unfencing. Basic symptom is
that unfencing does nothing, cluster logs report unfencing had been done,
but in reality nothing has occurred.


For instance here's the rule I've got in my CIB after volume teardown :

location drbd-fence-by-handler-ms-rdmVDR ms-rdmVDR \

        rule $id="drbd-fence-by-handler-rule-ms-rdmVDR" $role="Master" -inf:
#uname ne ipstore21


Now, I have instrumented the fence_peer_init() function within
crm_fence_peer.sh script as follows :



        # we know which instance we are: $OCF_RESOURCE_INSTANCE.


echo "fence_peer_init() :" >> /var/log/unfence.log

echo "===== $id_prefix =====" >> /var/log/unfence.log

echo "===== $master_id =====" >> /var/log/unfence.log

        have_constraint=$(set +x; echo "$cib_xml" |


echo "===== $have_constraint =====" >> /var/log/unfence.log

echo "End of fence_peer_init()" >> /var/log/unfence.log

echo >> /var/log/unfence.log

        return 0



When resync finishes, here's what I get in my logfile :

fence_peer_init() :

===== drbd-fence-by-handler-rdmVDR =====

===== ms-rdmVDR =====

=====  =====

End of fence_peer_init()


As a result, it searches a location rule named
drbd-fence-by-handler-rdmVDR-ms-rdmVDR for deletion that effectively doesn't
exists in the CIB and have_constraint returns empty.


I've compared to 8.3.12 version of the script which used to work, and there
seems to have some changes.

I will unfence by hand in the meantime but I think it requires some fix,
right ?






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