[DRBD-user] Instead the bad drbd server

Tian Zhiying tianzy1225 at thundersoft.com
Tue Dec 24 03:50:07 CET 2013

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Thanks very much. I'm going to try. 

Tian Zhiying

From: Digimer
Date: 2013-12-24 10:37
To: tianzy1225; drbd-user
Subject: Re: [DRBD-user] Instead the bad drbd server
On 23/12/13 09:24 PM, Tian Zhiying wrote:
> Hi
> Now I have a HA,the two server IP is : and
>,Virtual IP is, it use drbd store data, but
> one of the server( error, I must instead it from
> new server(, how can I config the new server's drbd?
> Thanks.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Tian Zhiying

If you setup matching sized partitions on .39, then it should be fairly 
simple. Update .37's resource configuration to point to .39 instead of 
.38. Then copy /etc/drbd* from .37 over to .39, Use 'drbdadm create-md 
<res>' to setup the new DRBD resource backing device. Make sure that the 
resources on .37 are in WFConnection state ('drbdadm attach <res>' if 
they aren't) and then, on .39, run 'drbdadm connect <res>'.

If it works well, you should be able to watch /proc/drbd and see that it 
is sync'ing from .37 (.37 should show each resource in the connection 
state "SyncSource" and the resource(s) on .39 should be in 
"SyncTarget"). Once the sync completes, you data is safe again.

If you have any specific trouble, share the details of your 
configuration (distro/drbd/cluster stack details and versions). Config 
files also help us understand your setup and thus offer better advice.

good luck!

PS - If you're concerned about the process, create a few VMs and 
replicate the current state (create two VMs, set them us as you had 
before, delete one of the VMs, create a new VM and walk through the 
process of adding it to the previous VM). It's _always_  better to test 
before trying anything on production systems.

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