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Equipe de Informática ifchinfo at unicamp.br
Wed Apr 17 15:17:48 CEST 2013

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I could not find anything "googleing" rcd_serial.
Do you have a link where I could get more information about it?

About my last big message the most important question is:
can I use iSCSI powered by drbd for sbd fencing?
is it a good solution?
what kind of iSCSI: active/active or active/passive?
any other hint for this solution?


Em 16/04/2013 17:24, Vladislav Bogdanov escreveu:
> 16.04.2013 23:07, Equipe de Informática wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I'm reading tons of information about pacemaker/corosyc/drbd and fence
>> devices and right now I'm feeling really lost.
>> My enviroment (2 nodes cluster-corosync/pacemaker for kvm virtualization
>> using drbd as shared storage) doesn't have a true fence device (ipmi,
>> apc or any other physical device/hardware).
>> In fact I could use my managed switch but this method would cut only the
>> node's external link (the one where the services/vms will be avaliable)
>> and not the drbd's internal link (for this connection I'm using a direct
>> crossover cable).
>> And thats it! That is all I got for a production environment.
>> So... how to do the fencing/stonith?
> You can think about rcd_serial.
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