[DRBD-user] what's the correct procedure for promoting secondary to primary (when primary is down)?

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Fri Sep 21 13:27:13 CEST 2012

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On 09/21/2012 01:01 AM, Lonni J Friedman wrote:
> I'm running version 8.3.11 on a two node Fedora16-x86_64 setup.  I've
> read all of the official documentation, but I'm unclear what the
> correct procedure is for (manually) promoting the secondary to become
> primary when the original primary is down.  I thought it would be as
> simple as "drbdadm -f primary r0", but that keeps failing:
> 0: State change failed: (-2) Need access to UpToDate data
> Command 'drbdsetup 0 primary' terminated with exit code 17
> I've read a few scattered threads that I need to first invalidate the
> peer (original primary), but that also fails, because its (still)
> down.  Surely I'm missing something simple here?

You are.

Invalidating the peer has nothing to do with this.

The above error means that your secondary machine is in an unclean
state, e.g. diskless or inconsistent.

Have a hard look at /proc/drbd. Any HA setup with DRBD must (imho)
include monitoring of the DRBD health, since (obviously) nothing will
break immediately if you loose your redundancy (because that would mean
lousy availability), but if you don't take steps to restore redundancy,
well, failover is no option then.
I suspect that's what happened to you at some point and was never fixed.


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