[DRBD-user] What to do about read errors on the primary?

Matt Graham danceswithcrows at usa.net
Tue Sep 18 19:50:37 CEST 2012

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From: "Dan Barker" <dbarker at visioncomm.net>
> dd the contents of the primary disk to a new, hopefully identical disk.
> On error, dd will probably stop. You can then restart it beyond the "bad"
> spot with seek=

If you're going to try this approach, don't use dd.  Use dd_rescue instead.  (
http://www.garloff.de/kurt/linux/ddrescue/ )  dd_rescue will basically
automate this process of retrying failed sector reads, which will be a lot
less annoying.  Not all distros include dd_rescue , so you may have to grab
the source and compile it (very simple, small program, IIRC.)  If there aren't
very many bad sectors on the disk, dd_rescue will probably work reasonably
well and give you something fsck can handle....

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