[DRBD-user] poor performance - re-partitioning suggested

Raphaël LOUIS raphael.louis at hdr.fr
Tue Sep 11 09:40:35 CEST 2012

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Hello DRBD-user group,


I have an optimization problem when formatting the filesystem on a drbd


When I type the following command :


mkfs.ext4 –m 0 /dev/drbd0


I get this warning :

L'alignement de /dev/drbd0 est décalé de 3072 octets.

Cela peut induire de très mauvaises performances, il est suggéré de


English translation :

/dev/drbd0 alignment is offset by 3072 bytes.

This may result in very poor performance, (re)-partitioning suggested.


This drbd resource is configured on a soft raid  (disk /dev/md0) of a 2 TB


I have another drbd resource configured on the same server with the same
configuration but a 20 GB partition and I don’t get the warning for this


I took an afternoon on this, but I couldn’t fix it.

Does somebody have any idea ?




Raphaël LOUIS

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