[DRBD-user] drbdsetup wait-sync don't wait forewer

Dzianis Kahanovich mahatma at bspu.unibel.by
Sat Nov 10 14:41:58 CET 2012

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drbdsetup 0 wait-sync --wait-after-sb --outdated-wfc-timeout=0
--degr-wfc-timeout=0 --wfc-timeout=0

- some waiting, but exiting while SyncTarget (so need additional checks in init
script). To test - I reboot one of node & copy ~500M to degraded disk...

It may be result of previous wait-sync with non-zero short timeouts (I run it

WBR, Dzianis Kahanovich AKA Denis Kaganovich, http://mahatma.bspu.unibel.by/

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