[DRBD-user] Is there any problem using DRBD over LVM?

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Thu Nov 8 12:52:46 CET 2012

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On 11/08/2012 12:18 PM, "[SOLTECSIS] Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó" wrote:
> Hi,
> We are creating a PROXMOX 2 cluster using DRBD and we have doubts about
> which of the next options is better:
> (A) DRBD over LVM.
> (B) DRBD as a PV for LVM.
> Which is the best option?
> I remember that I have read that DRBD over LVM is not a recomended
> configuration, but I don't remember why. I believe that I have readed
> that in the DRBD documentation itself, but I'm not able to find it now.
> Anyone knows if exists any kind of problem using DRBD over LVM?

it does work :-)

I'm not at all sure what's better performance-wise.

If your backing device is an LV, you do incur a write penalty to all
drbd interactions on both nodes.
Still, that doesn't mean that the setup will be slower than the other
way around.

It's usually a good idea to make your own tests, hopefully with a most
befitting workload.


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