[DRBD-user] very large out-of-sync (oos) value yet drbd-overview claims UpToDate/UpToDate

Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
Thu Nov 1 14:08:18 CET 2012

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There is an on-error event handler. Mine sends me email if verify fails
(runs weekly, one resource each of M, Tu, W, Th nights).


In my Global "handlers" section:

out-of-sync      "/usr/lib/drbd/notify-out-of-sync.sh <myemail>";

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I've got a drbd setup with 8.3.11.  I ran a manual verify, and once it
completed it reported:

[23479.620066] block drbd0: Online verify  done (total 23136 sec;
paused 0 sec; 73748 K/sec)
[23479.702176] block drbd0: Online verify found 9651098 4k block out of
[23479.745988] block drbd0: conn( VerifyT -> Connected )
[23479.788996] block drbd0: helper command: /sbin/drbdadm out-of-sync
[23479.839348] block drbd0: helper command: /sbin/drbdadm out-of-sync
minor-0 exit code 0 (0x0)
[23479.961245] block drbd0: bitmap WRITE of 2763 pages took 34 jiffies
[23480.006527] block drbd0: 37 GB (9651098 bits) marked out-of-sync by
on disk bit-map.

This isn't entirely surprising, as the secondary node was down for a
long time due to hardware problems.  However, what is surprising is
that drbd-overview still reports that everything is UpToDate:
$ drbd-overview
  0:sdb  Connected Secondary/Primary UpToDate/UpToDate C r-----

Shouldn't this huge number of out of sync bits cause drbd-overview to
report something other than UpToDate for the Secondary node?   If not,
then how does one actually programattically detect that a verification
has failed?  Parsing dmesg is going to be a huge kludge, and not
likely to be reliable.

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