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On 06/20/2012 11:51 PM, J.R. Lillard wrote:
> I have a lower-level setup on Protocol C and a stacked layer of Protocol
> A going through Proxy over a WAN.  There are times when my disk activity
> spikes causing the Proxy buffers to fill up a bit.  While this is
> happening the Pending count on my stacked resources goes up and causes
> my access to those resources to slow down.  Is this normal?  I thought
> with Protocol A as soon as my local write was finished things would
> continue.

You checked that you are not running out of activity log extents for the
stacked resource?

Do an: echo 1 >/sys/module/drbd/parameters/proc_details

... and have a look at "starving" counter in /proc/drbd ... should
ideally be 0 and definitely not increasing regularly. If it does,
increase the al-extents value for the stacked resource (max is 3833 in
drbd 8.3 ... IIRC)


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