[DRBD-user] Corosync Configuration

Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
Mon Jun 11 22:19:09 CEST 2012

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Off OP's topic, but a correction.

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I also used this manual to startup, I agree with Jake, that's a typo. Apart from that, William, your "bindnetaddr" parameter should not end with a "0", it's supposed to be the IP address your local host/node will use to monitor its peers. Instead, replace it by the IP address your server has on network


Although it is extremely likely that 'should not end with a "0"' is a correct statement on this network (it does begin with a 192 and we assumed it is a default 24 bit subnet), it is not a requirement. The OP didn't post his subnet specification.

Any network with a subnet mask of 23 bits or less can have a final octet of Zero be a host. In a class A subnet, there is one network (ends with a .0.0.0), 255 hosts that end with two zeros (.0.0) and 65,280 hosts that end with a single zero .0).

I normally wouldn't make this minor a correction, but Pascal then said "The cool thing (to me) is that I learn something more everyday on this ML..."


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