[DRBD-user] DRBD - one half of Proxmox cluster miscommunicating

JAMES GIBBON james.gibbon at virgin.net
Tue Jul 31 10:51:39 CEST 2012

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On Tue, 31 Jul 2012 09:32:48 +0200
Felix Frank <ff at mpexnet.de> wrote:

> Judging from your log excerpt, there might be a connectivity
> issue, but this could very well be a pure split brain that
> needs resolving. See
> http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-resolve-split-brain.html and
> note that you will likely loose whatever has been written to
> your "troubled" node. You may want to copy precious data if any
> has been written.
> What we'd need to see is your drbd configuration. Also the
> connection states of both nodes' respective NICs. Finally: Have
> you tried just issuing "drbdadm connect all" on the second node?

Hi Felix,

Many thanks for your reply.

At the moment, no virtual machines are running on the second,
"troubled" server. I cannot afford to lose data from the master's
view of the storage, which is exactly as I would wish it, but
the slave isn't doing anything - so if they are out of sync, I'm
happy for the slave to adopt the same view of the world as the

Aaaaaahhh.. I can see what I've done. Thanks for asking about the
NICs. The IP address connecting to the storage on the master is The IP on the slave should be, but in fact at
the moment it is also This is because when I changed
the server public IP addresses I copied over the interfaces file
from the master to the slave. I edited the public IP address, but
not the private IP address used to communicate with the NAS units.

So it looks like it's my fault.

OK. So my question now is - how can I fix this, without losing
data from the master? Tempting though it is to simply correct the
file and reboot, I think it better to solicit a more experienced
opinion first.

Another consideration is that if resyncing the disks will consume
a lot of resources on the master, I'll need that to happen out of
hours to avoid impacting production systems running on it.

Thanks again, and I'd be very grateful for some help. My main
concern is that I can't afford for the master's version to be disrupted.

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