[DRBD-user] Expected behaviour of "on-io-error pass_on"

Arne Redlich arne.redlich at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 25 16:11:42 CEST 2012

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There seems to be a disagreement between the documentation and the
actual code wrt the "pass_on" I/O error handling strategy in drbd 8.4.

Quoth http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-configure-io-error-behavior.html:
"2. pass_on This causes DRBD to report the I/O error to the upper
layers. On the primary node, it is reported to the mounted file
system. On the secondary node, it is ignored (because the secondary
has no upper layer to report to)."

The code however suggests that reads are redirected to the secondary
if the primary returned an error, and errors are not reported to the
upper layers unless the secondary cannot satisfy the read request

Bug in the code or in the documentation?


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