[DRBD-user] Lower device already claimed error

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Wed Jul 11 22:12:51 CEST 2012

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On 07/11/2012 04:07 PM, Arnold Krille wrote:
> On 11.07.2012 21:20, Digimer wrote:
>> I would guess so, but you know your system better than us. I can't see
>> any reason though why you would want to use a single RAID member as a
>> DRBD device... Using the RAID device makes a lot more sense.
> What if someone uses one leg of an software-raid1 as a disk for drbd on
> machine a and mounts the physical device of the same drbd on machine b?
> From the don't-do-this-at-home-department,
> Arnold--

You simply couldn't. The device would be a member of the array and,
thus, DRBD will refuse to use it, as Lin has seen. Forcing the issue
would be kind of like having one person pushing the gas and brakes on a
car while another person steered, with no real coordination between the

As the kids say these day, "you'll have a bad time".

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