[DRBD-user] drbd8.3.8 re-sync bug?(fixed some error in grammar and logic...)

郭宇 yufulou at vip.qq.com
Thu Jul 5 12:21:12 CEST 2012

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We possess two redhat x86_64 virtual servers, as mysql db servers called 'master' and 'backup', installed drbd8.3.8 and heartbeat 2.1.3-3, each has two drbd patitions for mysql's log and data.
Our network status was bad, so heartbeat always changes the two servers' drbd status between 'primary' and 'secondary'.
One day, the drbd split brain occured, the two servers treated themself as the 'primary' at the same time(it's may because of my wrong heartbeat configure). And then the 'backup' server could not be connected by all the way(I had made log for the system status regularly, the log showed normally, so the problem trapped me till now ...). Then we rebooted the 'backup' server, heartbeat and drbd program started automatically. 
Then the problem was coming, data on 'master' server which was 'primary' drbd server was full synced with 'backup' server, and then the 'master' server's drbd partitions were still mounted, and mysql program still worked, but the file was completely changed! Lots of my data on 'master' server was lost!!!
Then, I checked the /proc/drbd, 'master' server's status was 'Primary/Unknown', 'backup' server's status was 'Secondary/Unknown'('backup' server's status may be changed by heartbeat).

So I think if it's a bug on drbd8.3.8?
At last, forgive my poor english, help me please, the problem is really bothering me.
Thank you.
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