[DRBD-user] Downgrading 8.4.1 to 8.3.12

William Seligman seligman at nevis.columbia.edu
Wed Feb 29 01:03:21 CET 2012

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On 2/28/12 6:58 PM, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 12:54:34AM +0100, Lars Ellenberg wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 06:32:28PM -0500, William Seligman wrote:
>>> Is there any way of downgrading 8.4.1 to 8.3.12 without erasing the drbd
>>> partition? When I try to start drbd 8.3.12 on a 8.4.1 partition, I get:
>>> # service drbd start
>>> Starting DRBD resources: [
>>> admin
>>> no suitable meta data found :(
>>> Command '/sbin/drbdmeta 0 v08 /dev/md2 internal check-resize' terminated with
>>> exit code 255
>>> drbdadm check-resize admin: exited with code 255
>>> d(admin) 0: Failure: (119) No valid meta-data signature found.
>>> 	==> Use 'drbdadm create-md res' to initialize meta-data area. <==
>>> [admin] cmd /sbin/drbdsetup 0 disk /dev/md2 /dev/md2 internal --set-defaults
>>> --create-device --fencing=resource-and-stonith  failed - continuing!
>>> s(admin) n(admin) ].
>> You should have done "drbdadm down all; drbdadm apply-al all" while still on 8.4.
>> That should have taken care of cleaning up the meta data.
>> There are some corner cases where this did not work, however.
>> I think we have fixed them all, meanwhile. 8.4.2 is comming "soon"...

It's much less painful for me to re-upgrade to 8.4.1, type those commands, then
re-downgrade to 8.3.12. So that's what I'll do.

>>> OK, but when I try the suggested command:
>>> # drbdadm create-md admin
>>> pvs stderr:        /dev/md2: Skipping (regex)
>>> pvs stderr:  Failed to read physical volume "/dev/md2"
>>> pvs stderr:      Unlocking /var/lock/lvm/P_global
>>> pvs stderr:        _undo_flock /var/lock/lvm/P_global
>>> md_offset 2873200996352
>>> al_offset 2873200963584
>>> bm_offset 2873113276416
>>> Found LVM2 physical volume signature
>>>   2805774684 kB left usable by current configuration
>>> Could not determine the size of the actually used data area.
>>> Device size would be truncated, which
>>> would corrupt data and result in
>>> 'access beyond end of device' errors.
>>> If you want me to do this, you need to zero out the first part
>>> of the device (destroy the content).
>>> You should be very sure that you mean it.
>>> Operation refused.
>>> Command 'drbdmeta 0 v08 /dev/md2 internal create-md' terminated with exit code 40
>>> drbdadm create-md admin: exited with code 40
>> drbdmeta create-md detects the LVM meta data signature,
>> and calls out to pvs to do the meta data parsing.
>> Your filter in lvm.conf correctly tells pvs to ignore the lower level
>> device, so drbdmeta can not determine the size, and plays it safe.
>> If you invoke it like so:
>> LVM_SYSTEM_DIR= drbdadm create-md vm1
> Of course
> LVM_SYSTEM_DIR= drbdadm create-md admin
> Obviously that's copy/paste nonsense from a previous mail ;-)

Thanks for the correction!

>> pvs will not find your lvm.conf,
>> default to it's builtin filter settings,
>> which should allow it to read and parse the LVM meta data block.
>> drbdmeta should then figure that the currently used space is much less
>> than the device size, and that it is ok to create the meta data.
>>> Since I'm not certain that the problems I'm having with cman+pacemaker+drbd are
>>> caused by my drbd version, I'm reluctant to do this (and spend several hours
>>> restoring the partitions) unless I absolutely have to.
>> You could also give us call ;-)

I have brought this up more than once with my superiors; the cost in time I've
spent re-inventing (and de-inventing) the wheel far exceeds the cost of
purchasing LINBIT support. Let's hope I can make a good case.

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