[DRBD-user] Procedure to migrate from 8.4.1 to 8.3.11

Florian Haas florian at hastexo.com
Tue Feb 21 09:07:03 CET 2012

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On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 11:58 PM, Adam Sobieraj
<adam.sobieraj at neutrino.home.pl> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have question about procedure do downgrade drbd from 8.4.1 to 8.3.11,
> what is the simple way?
> I want do that because i have problems with 8.4.1 on 3.2.6 kernel.

Are you using a self-built out-of-tree DRBD, or the one that ships
with your kernel? I ask because if you're on 3.2.6, your kernel should
ship with something that's equivalent to 8.3.11 already -- which would
mean that up to this point you'd also have also been running 8.3.11
kernel code against 8.4.1 userland, which can be a bad idea in itself.

> Drbd can hang without any kernel messages just stop write and read....

2 options:

1, If you still have your 8.4 tools installed, you can do "drbdadm
apply-al" to apply the Activity Log, then shut everything down,
downgrade your binaries to 8.3, and then bring everything back up.

2, If you've already uninstalled your 8.4 tools, and have downgraded
to 8.3, and both your devices were Secondary and UpToDate/UpToDate
(hence, fully in sync) before you shut them down, then you can also
recreate the metadata and skip the initial sync as explained under
"truck based replication" in the 8.3 User's Guide.

Hope this helps.


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