[DRBD-user] can't mount on secondary node

CAMPBELL Robert robert.campbell at morpho.com
Wed Feb 1 17:30:19 CET 2012

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On 1-2-2012 16:56, Martin Gerhard Loschwitz wrote:
>> Martin,
>> I'm actually running a dual-active Samba server with a shared GFS2
>> file-system (block-replicated by DR:BD). I'm also (ab)using it for an
>> Apache/Tomcat installation with session replication in Tomcat through a
>> shared file-system.
>> Of course, all this is balanced using RR-DNS, and when one node fails,
>> the cluster resource (IP address) is taken over by the surviving node to
>> re-establish service (at somewhat lower performance).
>> Did a kitten just die?
>> Robert Campbell
> Robert,
> what sort of STONITH do you use for this setup? How did the system react
> the last time where the interconnect between the two nodes was broken
> but they were still up and running? And when did you test the fail-over
> capabilities of your cluster for the last time?
> What happens if one of your nodes fails and GFS thinks that it will have
> to fence them until that fencing process is actually done?
> I'll get a shovel while waiting for the answer. ;-)
> Best regards
> Martin

STONITH is power-off through IPMI on HP iLO, so that should be sorted. 
The system is still in the testing-fase, but I'll test the loss of an 
iLO connection, and then a failure of a node (will IMPI fencing still 
claim a success of fence?).

The last time (still during initial buildup test) the suviving node 
STONITHed the node that lost network connection (it's difficult to test 
a different failure scenario than a network failure. How do you make a 
kernel panic on purpose?). RHEL-clustering announced a succesful fence 
and everything continued working happily on the surviving node. The 
connection used for the STONITH is redundantly made to a pair of 
switches. Unfortunately the connection to the iLO is not redundant, but 
this would be a failure on a failure (so not really a concern for us).

During the build-up we also noticed that if there is no successful fence 
(fencing was not configured), the surviving node will get a file-system 
time-out. Rather unfortunate. We're thinking of implementing a manual 
fence mechanism in addition to the automatic, so that the I/O can 
continue as soon as an administrator has dialed in to the cluster after 
having received the e-mail of the failure. But again, this would require 
a failure on top of a failure.

I feel confident the shovel can be put back into the cupboard.


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