[DRBD-user] using drbd on top of ZFS

Maurits van de Lande M.vandeLande at VDL-Fittings.com
Mon Dec 10 15:05:21 CET 2012

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I'm thinking of using ZFS as a low level block device for drbd.
ZFS --> drbd --> LVM --> iSCSI

The reason is  as  follows:

- I would like to speed up reading and writing by using large read and write caches (ssd based) (ZFS ZIL and L2ARC).
                Currently my storage is 100% SSD based. It would be nice if  a mixed SSD/HD storage system could be build. $$$.
- I like the copy on write feature of ZFS
- I like the ZFS snapshot feature and being able to replicate the data to a  non drbd system (for backup) http://docs.huihoo.com/opensolaris/solaris-zfs-administration-guide/html/ch06.html
- I have tested Flashcache in the past but this did not work reliable in a two node storage cluster setup. For some reason unknown the cached data was not replicated (correctly) to the other drbd node which of course  resulted in corrupted data.

Does anybody have some experience with this kind of setup?
Are there some cons why this setup should not be used?

Best regards,

Maurits van de Lande
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