[DRBD-user] Failover Behavior in Server-Crash Scenario

Robinson, Eric eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Fri Dec 7 00:04:52 CET 2012

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Hi Florian, good to hear from you --

> That it is in the WFConnection state is perfectly normal, and 
> has always been that way. If you put one node in standby, it 
> does the equivalent of a manual "drbdadm down", meaning it 
> tears down the network connection along with detaching from 
> the backing disk. After that, the peer keeps "Waiting For [a] 
> Connection" for whenever the standby node comes back.
> That, though, should not keep the remaining online node from 
> promoting. 

After doing some reading, that is the conclusion I reached as well.

> Have you checked your Pacemaker and DRBD logs to 
> determine whether (a) Pacemaker is not even _attempting_ a 
> promotion, or (b) Pacemaker does attempt it but it fails at 
> the DRBD level?

Pacemaker successfully demotes the resources on the primary and then stops drbd. On the secondary, Pacemaker attempts to promote the resource, but fails. The log on the secondary shows...

drbd(p_drbd0)[32708]:   2012/12/05_09:41:50 ERROR: ha01_mysql: Called drbdadm -c /etc/drbd.conf primary ha01_mysql
drbd(p_drbd0)[32708]:   2012/12/05_09:41:50 ERROR: ha01_mysql: Exit code 11

My understanding is that code 11 means 'resource busy' but I have been unable to determine what could be holding it open. There are no file systems mounted or LVM drivers above drbd. Right now the only resources are a cluster IP and two drbd resources.

This only happens when drbd is in WFConnection state on the secondary. I disabled the 'stop' action in the drbd RA on the primary, so it only demotes the resource and THINKS it stopped drbd, but actually drbd keeps running, but the roles say secondary/secondary. Then on the secondary the promotion succeeds.

Eric Robinson

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