[DRBD-user] oracle on drbd failed

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Thu Aug 30 09:53:03 CEST 2012

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On 08/30/2012 09:38 AM, Felix Frank wrote:
>> I think you just misunderstood me.     The key action for this test is
>> > 
>> > drbdadm disconnect
>> > drbdadm primary
>> > 
>> > which simulate the situation that the primary is crashed to test  if
>> > the oracle can be fail over on secondary node
>> > 
>> > drbdadm --discard-my-data connect drbd0
>> > 
>> > the action just keep the secondary's data sync with the primary data
>> > for the next test.
> ...assuming the primary had not accumulated some minor corruptions
> during an earlier loop iteration.

Which reminds me: After failing a protocol A resource, it's important to
perform a verify.

Oracle *will* clean up any mess on the new primary, but without a full
sync back, you cannot be entirely sure that the old primary does not
retain any old writes that hadn't made it to the new primary. The
activity log is supposed to protect you from this, but I disbelieve it
can keep you 100% safe.


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