[DRBD-user] stacking drbd 3 high

Felix Frank ff at mpexnet.de
Tue Aug 28 10:28:38 CEST 2012

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On 08/06/2012 12:55 AM, Two Spirit wrote:
> basically nesting the stacked-on-top-of twice.
> On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 2:47 PM, Two Spirit <twospirit6905 at gmail.com
> <mailto:twospirit6905 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi, I'm thinking of having my primary/secondary file servers with my
>     primo equipment, then an onsite ro mirror using still relatively
>     high speed links (1 to 4 Gbps links), then offsite to remotes, maybe
>     through a dedicated inexpensive DSL line. Before going too long into
>     this thinking process, I just wanted to make sure this would be
>     doable with drbd 

Hmm, I doubt that this will work. This should however:

 |  |
(C) C

Note that C is not an "ro mirror". The remote peer in a stacked
replication setup is always a Secondary. While replication is up, you
cannot access the data on this node.


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