[DRBD-user] Does anyone have performance numbers for DRBD over SSDs

Nik Martin nik.martin at nfinausa.com
Thu Aug 16 23:53:41 CEST 2012

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On 2012-08-08, 15:13, Amit Golander (amit at tonian.com) wrote:

DRBD documentation talks about tuning performance when using DRBD with hard drives. It does not mention SSDs... In fact the last time I found it mentioned (in this forum, a year and a half ago), was when it was recomended to use Infiniband and not expect much...


It would be great if someone can share the performance numbers and/or expirience they had trying to do this.


Are you referring to sync rate?  You will always be limited to your I/O Subsystem's bus speed.  That said, with 10GbE directly connecting two storage servers that are RAID6 with hard drives on SATA 3.0 busses, I was able to achieve sustained sync rates of 620 MB/sec, or 82% of the bus speed on the initial sync.  I would not expect SSD to perform any better on initial sync.  That said, the higher IOPS of SSDs will certailny mean that the parallel sync/read/write times will not degrade as fast as they do on HDs, and on SSD random seek time goes away, since there is no seeking on an SSD.



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