[DRBD-user] State switches, flaky connection?

Jarno Elonen jarno.elonen at housemarque.fi
Mon Aug 6 17:51:11 CEST 2012

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I'm running DRBD 8.3.13 on Debian Wheezy, Linux 3.2.20 and
every now and then my DRBD resources spontaneously switch from 
cs:Connected to cs:WFConnection or the various syncing states and back 
(according to "watch cat /proc/drbd").

I've sometimes seen "broken pipe" or even "protocol error"(!?) flashing 
by briefly. I guess these aren't normal? If not, does it imply broken 
ethernet bonding or are there any other known causes?

Now that I'm writing this, the rate of these switches seems to be 
expectionally low, resources staying cs:Connected so the whole issue 
seems to come and go.

- Jarno

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