[DRBD-user] drbd-8.4.2rc1 test results

Dirk Bonenkamp - ProActive dirk at proactive.nl
Wed Aug 15 12:24:54 CEST 2012

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Hi all,

I've installed 8.4.2rc1 on my test systems (ubuntu 10.04 x86_64,
dedicated bonded gigabit nics for DRBD, single seagate 2.5" sata disk,
7200rpm, 16Mb cache (ST9160412AS)).

Installing and upgrading all went flawless (dkms users: don't forget to
uncomment the modprobe option for the drbd module, this new version
doesn't need it any more).

Some dd tests (averages of 3 runs on a system without load):

dd if=/dev/zero of=1G.bin bs=1024M count=1 oflag=direct
8.3.13: 29.5 MB/s
8.4.2rc1: 28.3 MB/s

dd if=/dev/zero of=1G.bin bs=1024 count=1000 oflag=direct
8.3.13: 109 kB/s
8.4.2rc1: 112.7 kB/s

No big differences here.

Resync runs, verify runs all went OK. Fencing works as it should.

The only weird thing I noticed is the behaviour of the syncer. I've this
option in my drbd.conf:

resync-rate             20M;

But when doing a verify run the rates are al over the place, I've
noticed values between 3 and 120 MB/s... Even if the 'resync-rate'
option is ignored and this is the 'auto sync rate', the fluctuations do
look a bit weird to me. But, as mention above, the result of a resync of
verify run seems OK.

I've put some normal workload on the machines and everything works as it
worked before.

I'm happy to do some extra tests or provide additional details, just let
me know.

Kind regards,


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