[DRBD-user] crm-fence-peer.sh & maintenance / reboots

Dirk Bonenkamp - ProActive dirk at proactive.nl
Fri Aug 10 08:47:22 CEST 2012

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Op 4-8-2012 13:18, Dirk Bonenkamp - ProActive schreef:
> Hi Jake,
> Looks like that it is that bug... I've patched & recompiled DRDB and did
> some quick tests. Seems to work as it should now. Will do some more
> extensive tests next week and will report back.
> Thanks a lot, I've breaking my head over this one quite a while...
> Cheers,
> Dirk
> Op 3-8-2012 16:09, Jake Smith schreef:
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>>> From: "Dirk Bonenkamp - ProActive" <dirk at proactive.nl>
>>> To: drbd-user at lists.linbit.com
>>> Sent: Friday, August 3, 2012 4:17:46 AM
>>> Subject: Re: [DRBD-user] crm-fence-peer.sh & maintenance / reboots
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm still struggling with this problem. Since my last mail, I've
>>> simplified my setup: 1 DRBD resource with only 1 file system
>>> resource. I
>>> normally have stonith in place & working, but this is also removed
>>> for
>>> simplicity.
>>> Things that work as expected:
>>> - Pulling the dedicated drdb network cable. Location constraint is
>>> created as expected (preventing promotion of the now unconnected
>>> slave
>>> node). The constraint gets removed after re-plugging the cable.
>>> - Rebooting the slave node / putting the slave node in stanby mode.
>>> No
>>> constraints (as expected), no problems.
>>> - Migrating the file system resource. File system unmounts, slave
>>> node
>>> becomes master, file system mounts, no problems.
>>> Things that do not work as expected:
>>> - Rebooting the master node / putting the master node in standby
>>> mode.
>>> The location constraint is created, which prevents the slave becoming
>>> master... To correct this, I have to put the old master node on-line
>>> again and have to remove the constraint by hand.
>>> My setup:
>>> Ubuntu 10.04 running 2.6.32-41-generic / x86_64
>>> DRBD 8.3.13 (self compiled)
>> Hi Dirk!
>> Might be this bug affecting fencing I found when using the -41 kernel in Ubuntu with DRBD 8.3.13:
>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/drbd8/+bug/1000355

Hi All,

I've been testing this fix this week and things work as they should
after applying this patch. I've been testing it on 2 different test
set-ups, both successful!

I also plan to test the new 8.4 RC on these systems, haven't found the
time yet. Will do so next week and will report back if strange things
happen (are you interested in my feedback if things work as they should?)

Kind regards and many thanks to Jake for pointing me to this solution!



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