[DRBD-user] Three node cluster?

Kavan Smith kavan at linbit.com
Tue Apr 17 21:07:08 CEST 2012

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On 04/17/2012 11:03 AM, Arnold Krille wrote:
> I like the rbd-device interface of ceph, but during my tests with ceph during 
> this last winter (yes, the whole week!:) ceph died on me two times and took 
> its data with it. glusterfs also has problems when the participating nodes 
> change ip-addresses, but still all the data is accessible...

FWIW, Just stay patient, LINBIT is working hard on developing next
generation features for DRBD that address scalability, and versatility
in your replication.

Sure, glusterfs and ceph are cool and fit a number of use cases...but
"cool" and "shiny" doesn't save you from disaster and headache when you
need safe and reliable replication.  This is where DRBD really exceeds
expectations :)

Arnold, Thanks for chiming in and sharing your personal real world
experiences, as these are important to contrast when looking for the
right solution.

In short, we're working on improving DRBD's feature set substantially,
and with the support of the community (feedback, bug fixes, and open
communication) we know that DRBD has some very cool new capabilities on
the horizon.

> A sidenote to get back on topic: While my co-admin had his small victory some 
> months ago, when it was decided to go back from drbd-hosting to his extra-
> iscsi machine, last week that machine had a problem starting after an power-
> outage. The only vm running fine was that last (and un-important) vm coming 
> from drbd...

Yes, we've heard this a few times ourselves with clients trying out
"fun" new technologies.  We're fine with being a few features behind as
long as folks don't lose data. :)

Just to put this out there for anyone who's reading this if you are
using DRBD and want it to do more.  Contact us and tell us what you want
DRBD to do!

kavan at linbit.com - I'm here to assist the DRBD community, and to assist
in raising the tide to help lift all boats ;)


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