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Thu Sep 29 18:17:48 CEST 2011

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On 09/29/2011 02:55 AM, Kaloyan Kovachev wrote:
> Hi list,
>  i am about to upgrade DRBD on a RHCM cluster where GFS2 is used (dual
> primary mode). Previously i was using the outdate-peer script wodified to
> call fence_node in case the peer can not be reached over SSH. In the new
> version i can see the outdate-peer handler is replaced by fence-peer and
> the script executed is crm-fence-peer, but the problem is, the cluster is
> not using peacemaker. So here are the questions:
>  1. when using resource-and-stonith should the script always exit with 7
> or it is OK to keep using the modified outdate-peer and return 7 only if
> the peer was fenced, which happens if it can't be contacted via SSH only
> i.e. at the end of the script the RV is still 5 and the cluster is quorate,
> the node status is Offline or fence_node was executed?
>  2. If any code in addition to 7 is allowed - which codes will lead to
> unfreezing the IO and which to keep blocking it, because in case of
> Inquorate cluster status or fence failure it is preferable to keep it
> blocked. Will returning 6 in this case lead to calling some of the pri-lost
> handlers i.e. commit suicide?

I don't know about the exit codes, but I use Lon's obliterate-peer.sh
script in both DRBD 8.3.9 on EL5 (RHCS stable2) and DRBD 8.3.11 on EL6
(RHCS stable 3) to protect my dual-primary setups. It works great.

Here is how I use it. The doc is for an older version but it works the
same. If you have the latest version of drbd, just replace
'outdate-peer' with 'fence-peer'.

*note* - This link is part of an *incomplete* tutorial. The DRBD section
is finished though.


I keep a copy of the obliterate-peer.sh script here;


I install it with;

wget -c https://alteeve.com/files/an-cluster/sbin/obliterate-peer.sh -O
chmod a+x /sbin/obliterate-peer.sh
ls -lah /sbin/obliterate-peer.sh

If you want to find the source, do a search for "obliterate-peer.sh Lon

Sorry that this doesn't answer your question directly, but hopefully it
will help. :)

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