[DRBD-user] One vs many DRBD resources

Maciej Gałkiewicz maciejgalkiewicz at ragnarson.com
Mon Sep 26 09:00:41 CEST 2011

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2011/9/23 James R. Leu <jleu at inoc.com>:
> We just went through this exercise and went with AOE instead
> of iSCSI because we found the current crop of iSCSI target and
> initiators to be lacking in terms selectively bringing a LUN 'up'
> and 'down'.  Specifically the iSCSI target implementations do not
> release the backstoring device when the LUN is marked as offline.
> Thus preventing DRBD from going secondary.  (I posted a patch to the
> tgtd mailing list to add the functionality, but it was rejected).
> Do you plan on having the VM guests access the iSCSI server directly
> or use iSCSI to connect the LUNs to the VM host and then the
> host hands them to the guests as directly connected block devices?
> We choose the latter to try and keep the guests as simple as possible.

I cannot use AOE because my servers are in different IP subnet. My VM
contacts with iSCSI server directly. In my infrastructure DRBD is not
on top of iSCSI.

Maciej Galkiewicz

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