[DRBD-user] use drbd on wan

Christian Völker cvoelker at knebb.de
Wed Sep 21 11:33:37 CEST 2011

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> In our case, we use drbd to sync oracle db data in two node across the
> wan. Since the net bandwidth is slow(<2M), the i/o performance is
> pretty poor in primary node because i/o operation will be pending to
> wait the data transmission.
Officially wording would be to purchase the drbd proxy by Linbit who is
designed to handle such cases.

> So we have considered  the following solution:  On secondary node,
> run disconnect and connect command in sequence . Diconnect drbd0 ,
> wait 5 minutes (or longer time), connect drbd0 again, and after sync
Wow, not a bad idea I'd say.

> 1. How can we confirm that each sychorinzation after connecting is a
> quick sync and not a full sync? And how to tune it to be that.
Afaik it'll sync from the last know good state by default. I don't think
you can tweak aomething here. If drbd has the opinion it needs to do a
full sync you'll have to accept this.



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