[DRBD-user] Enabling a stacked resource - HELP!

Florian Haas f.g.haas at gmx.net
Thu Sep 8 16:52:28 CEST 2011

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On 09/08/11 15:06, SlingPirate wrote:
> I have 3 servers two are to run in dual primary mode (node 1 and 2) while a
> third (node 3) is to be an off-site backup.  I have got the first 2 nodes
> sync'd and in primary mode quite happily but I can't get the backup node to
> sync. Every time I try to bring the stacked resource into primary on node 1
> (even with node 2 in secondary) it complains that it "needs access to
> UpToDate data".
> Am I just doing things wrong by trying to do a dual primary with a stacked
> backup?

Yes. This can't work.


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