[DRBD-user] DRBD Alternatives (Apples vs. Apples)

Florian Haas florian at hastexo.com
Sun Oct 30 20:45:46 CET 2011

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On 2011-10-30 02:05, Nick Khamis wrote:
> As I look to find a other native file replication solutions
> (i.e., network raid 1), I found:
> http://t.co/jeo6QoH5, and
> http://www.bauer-power.net/2011/08/roll-your-own-fail-over-san-cluster.html
> With that in mind, has anyone else here looked into alternatives? An
> apples with applies comparison, so no talk about SANs+LUN. Any feedback
> regarding to IET+GlusterFS or ZFS, or other setups is greatly appreciated?

I don't know if this is useful for your particular issue at hand, and
it's admittedly a bit dated, but it may be helpful anyhow:



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