[DRBD-user] DRBD with KVM for live migrations

Trey Dockendorf treydock at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 20:34:55 CET 2011

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> Hi,
> a cluster software like Pacemaker could serve your purpose very well. Do
> incorporate STONITH though, as you will need dual primary DRBD.
> Mind you Pacemaker is NOT easy, requires a lot of study and reading.
> Share image files could be done with OCFS2 for example (or any clustering
> file system). You then need to create a Pacemaker resource handling this.
> Personally I never used OCFS2, but there are lots of eaxmples around.
> HTH,
> B.
> Looking at the man page for STONITH I'm not sure I understand how to
incorporate that into this particular situation.  When I put DRBD in dual
primary that will be only for the purpose of live migration, but I don't
really plan to use live migrations at first for failover.  My initial
purpose is for maintenance, to allow me to reboot one node (after kernel
update) and move all the VMs to the other node.  Once I've got all that
working smoothly then I'd move to having it serve a failover function.

Would OCFS2 be used in conjunction with DRBD?  From a few articles I've
found, I thought that what could be done is create a LVM that stores all
the qcow2 images (part of my current deployment already) named lv_vmstore.
 Since I'm running CentOS 6 I've been formatting that ext4.  Would I not
then use DRBD to replicate lv_vmstore across both nodes?

One catch to all this I think I forgot to include in my initial email is I
have no shared storage.  I only have 2 physical hosts with approximately
1TB isolated for lv_vmstore.  Someday once budgets allow I may have a SAN,
but for now I am trying to facilitate live migration without one.

- Trey
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