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Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Tue Oct 4 13:33:01 CEST 2011

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As there were no answers on the list i have digged into the source code

>>>  2. If any code in addition to 7 is allowed - which codes will lead to
>>> unfreezing the IO and which to keep blocking it, because in case of
>>> Inquorate cluster status or fence failure it is preferable to keep it
>>> blocked. Will returning 6 in this case lead to calling some of the
>>> pri-lost handlers i.e. commit suicide?

drbd/drbd_nl.c in function conn_try_outdate_peer - all codes are accepted
and 7 is treated like 4 (now) or 5 (maybe in future versions):

/* THINK: do we need to handle this
 * like case 4, or more like case 5? */

on my opinion it should be like 5, because if the local status is not
up_to_date no IO should be allowed. Then in the case of dual primary,
blocking the IO will give a chance for the local disk to have no changes,
which may help resolving the after-sb-0pri with discard-zero-changes later

there is no way to commit suicide and exit code 6 will outdate the local
resource if disconnected or will be ignored if the connection was restored

returning 1 or any other code <3 or >7 will keep blocking the IO on that

attached is the modified version of the outdate-peer.sh script for use
with RHCM.
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