[DRBD-user] Userspace- vs. Kernelspaceversions

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Wed Nov 30 17:03:21 CET 2011

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Hi all,

I am a bit stumped currently. Our drbd setup seems to include "extra low 
performance" as a feature and I don't exactly know where the reason is.
On thing the bothers bothers us is that the versions of the userspace tools 
and the kernel module differ (drbd8-utils v8.3.7 vs module v8.3.9).
The newer kernel-module is a side-effect of the kernel from debian squeeze 
backports needed for the new network-cards. But the versions installed on both 
nodes are the same.
Using latency- and throughput tests from the drbd documentation, the latency 
rises by a factor of ten and the throughput sinks by a factor of ~5 from the 
baccking devices to the drbd device.

So here are my questions:
 - Could the mixed version be the reason for the performance penalty?
 - Would it be save to downgrade the kernel (and compile the network-driver by 
hand) or is the meta-data on the disk incompatible?
 - Or would you rather update the userspace tools to match the modules 

Thanks for any answers,

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