[DRBD-user] Cluster filesystem question

John Lauro john.lauro at covenanteyes.com
Wed Nov 30 01:43:43 CET 2011

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Hmmm, besides for maybe a slightly higher chance of split brain in case of network failure between drbd nodes...  I too am curious what the potential problem could be.  Maybe write barriers are not safe?  Even so, that would only be an issue if the client crash, and the article certainly implies worse than just that.

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On 30.11.2011 00:15, John Lauro wrote:

> The problem is that part of iSCSI is a client saying, I want exclusive
> access to a certain block(s), and then no other client can access that
> block.

Yes, that reservation stuff is something a cluster aware iSCSI target 
would have to synchronize among the nodes.

However, the original claim which I was wondering about was, that 
multipath would not work with current iSCSI targets on Linux.

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