[DRBD-user] Cluster filesystem question

John Lauro john.lauro at covenanteyes.com
Fri Nov 25 17:08:19 CET 2011

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Sorry for the newbie question.  was unable to find this covered in any FAQ
or example.


>From what I can tell of examples, it is possible to setup a cluster
filesystem such as GFS or OCFS2 using drbd where two nodes, and both as
primary/primary and so the data is live on both.


What I'm not sure about from the examples.  Can you then add more
GFS/OCFS2 nodes (ie: a 3rd and 4th node) that have no local disk as part
of the SAN cluster, but instead talk drbd to the first two nodes?  Or
would you have to run a shared failover service such as NFS on top of the
two node cluster if you need multiple hosts accessing it?


Mainly ask because I assume recovery time from failover would be much
quicker with a cluster filesystem (doesn't have to fsck/remount), and
reads (would?) be split over the two hosts instead of just one, so it
should be slightly faster with two hosts serving read I/O requests instead
of one.



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