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Steve Kieu msh.computing at gmail.com
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> Right.
> Actually, you *can not* do that with multiple volumes within one resource.
> Or, if you could, that would be a bug.
> Volumes within one resource are supposed to be active on the same side.

I remembered that I could bring primary up individually, I might be  wrong
though - not retested it yet.

Just switch back to multi resource (Um I have to spend another port for
second resource in this case) - it is syncing now - will test again in this

Many thanks,

> > How many resources can I make?  I have 12 so far (one per virtual
> > > machine.)  The machines seem to be coping ok.  Is there any limit,
> > > arbitrary or otherwise?
> >
> > The number of available DRBD devices is set by the "minor_count" module
> > parameter. The default, iirc, is 32.
> Which means you can use up to 256 (or 255, not so sure there)
> DRBD minors with 8.3.
> With 8.4, you can use "arbitrarily" many minor devices (one million, in
> theory), minor_count is a hint only with 8.4, not a hard limit anymore.
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