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Claude.Duplissey at gdc4s.com Claude.Duplissey at gdc4s.com
Thu Jun 23 21:45:16 CEST 2011

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I am evaluating DRBD for possible use. I need to provide for two
possible primaries that can replicate data from a source ( r0 ) to a
secondary system. One of the primaries replicates and the other is
available to be activated if the first primary fails. For this purpose I
defined a virtual IP that can be activated on either primary and used to
communicate to the secondary system. In drbd.conf I defined the use of
the floating IP via 
  floating {
    device /dev/drbd1;
    disk /dev/sdb1;
    meta-disk internal;

Everything seems to work except that I have not found a way to take the
resource down on the primary using dbrdadm. Specifically, the command
drbdadm down r0 produces the message: 'r0' ignored since this host
(<hostname>)is not mentioned with an 'on' keyword. So the only way I
have found to shut r0 down is to stop the drbd service. Other commands
such as drbdadm role r0, drbdadm cstate r0, etc. seem to work.

1.	Is this a bug or is there a way to reference the resource?
2.	Is there a better way to configure the systems to handle this

Claude Duplissey

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