[DRBD-user] Combining different versions (was: Unterschiedliche Versionen kombinieren?)

Daniel Meszaros spam at meszi.de
Fri Jul 29 10:18:16 CEST 2011

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Lars Ellenberg:
> Digimer:
>> Daniel Meszaros:
>>> Hi!
>>> Wie klug oder dumm ist es, eine 8.3.11rc1-0 eines älteren Systems
>>> (späterer Primary) und eine frisch installierte 8.3.11-0 (späterer
>>> Secondary) zu kombinieren? Hintergrund: Für die Daten der unter der
>>> älteren Version laufenden DRBD-Device fehlt das Backup. Ohne Backup will
>>> ich aber nicht updaten. :-/
>>> CU,
>>> Mészi.
>> ごめんなさい、でも、このリストで英語を話すをください。ここの人はドイブツ
>> 語と日本語も話せません。 ;)
@Digimer: Ooops. Sorry. Forgot that this list is international. :-D

My question was if some 8.3.11rc1-0 of an old system (shall become the 
new Primary) could be combined with a fresh installed 8.3.11-0 (the 
future Secondary). I could update the old system before but I am a bit 
afraid because it does not have a backup of what's on the DRBD device.

> Very much so, essentially ;-)
> Or simply "Ja.".
I can combine both? I'd like to update the old right in the moment when 
I know both DRBD nodes are in sync.

> Besides, you should use 8.3.11-3, not -0
> http://git.drbd.org/?p=drbd-8.3.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/drbd-8.3.11-y
> Probably a good idea to just upgrade both nodes to 8.3.11-3 at the same time.
But to sync it before, right?


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