[DRBD-user] pacemaker and xen driven drbd

Davide Vaghetti davide.vaghetti at ing.unipi.it
Fri Jul 22 15:40:46 CEST 2011

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Hi list,

lately I needed to have drbd resources controlled by a pacemaker cluster 
built to manage xen vms. Until now I managed drbd devices directly 
through xen, that makes life a lot easier, but it doesn't work for HVM 
xen vms. So, now I need to handle promotion to primary via pacemaker, 
but just for a few drbd devices. My problem is that the linbit ocf drbd 
resource for pacemaker need drbd not be started by init.d at boot time, 
but that will oblige me to move some 40+ plus drbd devices handling 
inside pacemaker and modify all the xen vms configuration, and I really 
prefer to keep things as simple as possible. So is there anything I can 
do to avoid the migration? Since I don't need advanced drbd features 
(stacking and so on) I thought I could use the old ocf resource, even 
though I'm a little bit scared by the 
"WARNING-this-is-deprecated-we-will-delete-it-asap". What do you suggest?

Dott. Davide Vaghetti
Centro Servizi Informatici Facolta' di Ingegneria
Universita' di Pisa

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