[DRBD-user] Growing raid10+drbd+lvm

Pete Ashdown pashdown at xmission.com
Thu Jul 21 19:00:10 CEST 2011

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Thank you Felix.  My concern from the documentation sources from the
criteria at the top of the page:

"1. The affected resource's backing device must be one managed by a logical
volume management subsystem, such as LVM."

The backing device is not LVM, it is is software RAID10.  I'm presuming
this "criteria" is only stated because it isn't normal to grow/shrink
software RAID10, but I'm guessing that by syncing drbd to a larger device,
disconnecting the drbd peers, then doing "drbd resize" and "pvresize
/dev/drbd0" on the larger system, it will react just fine?

On 07/21/2011 01:21 AM, Felix Frank wrote:
> On 07/21/2011 01:19 AM, Pete Ashdown wrote:
>> I have one host that has a StandAlone 1.5TB lvm running on top of drbd
>> (pv is /dev/drbd0) and a software raid10.  I connected a second peer to
>> this with a 2TB software raid10.  The drbd started to sync as expected,
>> but of course retained the 1.5TB sizing.  If I disconnect the drbd peers
>> from each other, is it possible to safely grow the drbd & lvm to the
>> full 2TB?
> Well, http://www.drbd.org/users-guide/s-resizing.html#s-growing-offline
> But why do it offline? You probably want to replace the original 1.5TB
> node with another 2TB one, no? So why wouldn't you
> 1. fail over
> 2. disconnect
> 3. replace
> 4. connect + sync up
> 5. resize online?
> HTH,
> Felix
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