[DRBD-user] write performance issues

Phil Stoneman pws at corefiling.com
Sun Jul 10 19:30:10 CEST 2011

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> The 30-40 MB/s aren't really fast either, but that'd be bearable. When I
> reconnected the volume after the copying was done, the resync went quite
> fast (also with those 30 - 40 MB/s).
> I know, the numbers aren't that exact, but it's enough to see the big
> difference when the DRBD volumes are in connected/disconnected state.
> I already did quite some research on that issue (that's how I came up
> with that DRBD config), but didn't succeed in fixing it. Maybe someone
> on this list has suggestions?

Hi Mark

I've seen a similar thing with small writes, and for me, using 
no-disk-barrier and no-disk-flushes solved the small write performance 
issue. Hope that helps! :-)


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