[DRBD-user] drbd-8.3.11.tar.gz

Mathias Eggers mathiaseggers at web.de
Tue Jul 5 09:52:42 CEST 2011

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Hi Phil,
hi list,

I'm not really a new user to drbd, but it's my first post on a list.
So I should say a thank you to everyone, because it's always very useful 
to read the posts here.

Regarding the new version of drbd: it compiles and runs well on my 
Debian 5.0.8 servers. Another thank you.

But using the resource agent for a corosync/pacemaker cluster built from 
sources with the recent cluster resource-agents layout (version 1.0.4) 
was not successful. After some reading I found why: sourcing the 
".ocf-shellfuncs" does not work any more, because the ocf-* scripts lost 
the leading dot in their names and were moved to the newly introduced 
directory ${OCF_ROOT}/lib/heartbeat.

 From the ChangeLog (Cluster-Resource-Agents-8a469febdcca):
* Wed Feb 16 2011 Dejan Muhamedagic <dejan at suse.de> and others
- stable release 1.0.4
- RA: add OCF_ROOT/lib/heartbeat directory (development)

A little "patch" of the drbd resource agent worked for me so far:
$ diff drbd.ocf drbd.ocf.orig
< if [[ -d ${OCF_ROOT}/lib/heartbeat ]]
< then
<     # Cluster-RA >= 1.0.4
<     : ${OCF_FUNCTIONS_DIR=${OCF_ROOT}/lib/heartbeat}
<     . ${OCF_FUNCTIONS_DIR}/ocf-shellfuncs
< else
<     # "legacy" Cluster-RA
<     : ${OCF_FUNCTIONS_DIR=${OCF_ROOT}/resource.d/heartbeat}
<     . ${OCF_FUNCTIONS_DIR}/.ocf-shellfuncs
< fi
 > : ${OCF_FUNCTIONS_DIR=${OCF_ROOT}/resource.d/heartbeat}
 > . ${OCF_FUNCTIONS_DIR}/.ocf-shellfuncs

As far as I can see in the git repository (I'm only able to look by 
browser - I'm not a developer) the "patch" should be added in the 
branches 8.3 and 8.4

I would appreciate if it could be verified on other clusters and if it 
is of use for anyone, I'm happy ;-)

Best regards,

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